Houston, TX – [October 4, 2018] – Edible Software will be in Orlando, Florida for PMA Fresh Summit Expo October 19-20, 2018 at booth 2930 with some hot coffee and donuts ready for exhibitors and attendees. New products such as: “On The Go App”, Physical Inventory, Edible Pick, Live Sales App and other special offers will be presented to attendees (www.ediblesoftware.com). 

On The Go App

Send your store app with your logo to customers. Your customers will simply download your app within the Google Play or App Store.

  • The Shopping cart saves product selected by the customer. Once the customer is ready to place their order, it is submitted to you automatically and immediately.
  • Order History allows your customers to see expected orders, new orders, orders in process, and shipped and billed invoices.
  • Many available settings for what your customers can see and order.
  • Automatically scales for screen sizes, tablets and cellphones.
  • New catalog grid view with quicker order quantity, up/down arrow, mass add to cart, drag and drop grid columns, column sorting, and quick/default standard item views of catalog.
  • The new cart features give the user ability to merge the cart, quantity, delete lines, and empty cart.

Edible Pick

Edible Pick provides two incredible benefits in one software package. First, this module will verify that the correct products are pulled from inventory and/or loaded for delivery to each customer. In addition, while gathering this information it also verifies and stores the lot number of the picked or delivered item, identifying both the originating vendor and the end-user.

  • Hardware Edible Pick loads onto any Android™ or iOS device, which wirelessly syncs with Edible Software. Order Fulfillment Warehouse personnel can view an order and pick the items required, or scan items to verify correct quantity and lot selection against an order.
  • Accuracy As each item is picked or scanned, the app verifies the items against an order. A warning is then sounded if an incorrect item is scanned or if the quantity or lot is incorrect.
  • Traceability Once the scanned item has been verified against the order, the lot number is stored with the sales record, which enables the product to be tracked to and from each vendor and customer. This ensures full compliance with all of the Traceability and Bioterrorism Act requirements.

Live Sales App

With the Live Sales Order App, sales orders can be taken on a mobile device while allocating lots remotely. The Live Sales Order App Features Include:

  • Lots are allocated in real time.
  • Orders can be taken on any Android or iOS device.
  • Orders are seamlessly transmitted into Edible Software, once the syncing is completed.
  • Synced orders will be stored in order history.
  • Full pricing, which is identical to Edible Software's.
  • Accurate Pricing for customers. Unlimited pricing updates can be performed through syncing .
  • Standard and all item lists with default order unit of measure and unit pricing.
  • Manual pricing is available to sales personnel.
  • Live Sales App Users do not have to log in every time the program is launched. Login credentials will be remembered until the User logs out of the app.
  • Live Sales App Users are setup in a web administration portal (API Admin) and are linked to active Edibe seller user ID's.


We will have tradeshow rebates and giveaways at booth 2930.


If you would like more information before the show or would like to schedule a meeting at the show to learn about our profit making modules, please let us know.

About PMA Fresh Summit

With more than 20,000 people participating, Fresh Summit can help you anticipate change, identify emerging trends and profit from new opportunities. Participating in Fresh Summit gives you a distinct advantage. Fresh Summit has something for every segment of the produce and floral supply chain, including retailers, industry suppliers, wholesalers, growers and importers/exporters.

About Edible Software

Edible Software provides an inventory control, traceability, and full accounting system. We are proud of the accuracy and reliability of our software and the many bene fits that it has provided to our clients. We cherish the close relationships that we have built with our clients and the care that our staff displays towards each of them. Our goal is to be the best wholesale food distribution software company in terms of service, support, and product quality. 

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