Houston, TX – [April 19, 2016] –Edible Software has evolved over its 35 years of serving companies in need of an ERP solution. With the company’s new management, complete rebrand, and participation in philanthropic efforts, Edible Software is headed for success. Edible Software is excited about its future and the new projects coming to fruition this year (www.ediblesoftware.com).

New Management

This year looks to be a banner year for Edible Software. This is due in no small part to the management team that assumed leadership just four short years ago. Trevor Morris became the CEO in 2012 and restructured the company in order to better service clients and garner the attention of prospects. During his tenure as CEO, Trevor has increased the number of staff members, reframed the company’s goals to achieve success and facilitated an environment conducive to positivity and growth.

Charles Butler, the Executive Vice President was initially the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Due to his tenacity and desire to attend to the needs of clients, he was deservingly promoted.  During his term, Charles has taken on many hats. Clients of Edible Software have given him the name “Chief Firefighter” because he accepts any challenge in order to meet the needs of clients and prospects.

Beth Jackson was formerly an Edible Software client. In 2007, she joined the team bringing her extensive knowledge of wholesale food distribution, manufacturing processes and accounting principles. Beth’s undertaking of business analysis, training, and support for new and existing clients across the U.S. and globally has garnered clients and Edible Software success.

With the new management team, Edible Software has not only been able to make an impact in the U.S., but globally. Edible Software’s goal is to gain exposure and provide software to countries across the globe.

Moving Forward

The company experienced a complete rebrand with a new logo and freshly coded software. Trevor Morris commented “We are no longer the same company. Our goal is to propel forward and exceed expectations.”  The rebrand is a symbol of Edible Software’s rebirth and promising future moving forward.

Edible Software is excited about many new projects coming to fruition this year. The developers are coding software to exceed the markets’ demands.  Products recently released are Edible Store, which enables their clients’ customers to place orders over the internet 24 hours a day and their upgraded module Direct Store Delivery, which enables their clients’ users to maintain inventory on their trucks as well as make remote sales. Edible Software strives to create products that will achieve success for its clients. The company caters to its clients’ specific needs.  

Edible Software’s future is colored with great opportunities. The current management team has continued to foster a renewed and positive atmosphere at Edible Software with both clients and employees. Strength is exemplified through this team because in the face of adversity they did not falter.  The change in business culture and management was necessary in order for Edible Software to flourish.  Charles Butler commented “The goal is to remember that we are a new company. We have relinquished all negativity that hindered Edible Software from providing the best to its clients and employees as every company should do.” The past cannot determine Edible Software’s exciting future. It is gone and will never return.

Philanthropic Efforts

Edible Software promotes helping those in need. Every year, Trevor motivates his employees to participate in the ABB 5K and donates money to the Houston Food Bank, a charity that he avidly supports.  Edible Software is currently hosting a food drive for the Houston Food Bank. The company has also encouraged other companies around Houston to support its efforts in fighting hunger.

About Edible Software

Edible Software provides instant inventory control, profitability and traceability, as well as full management and accounting information. The Software can significantly increase gross margins, due to its accurate and timely reporting capabilities. Edible Software’s specialized software is unavailable in either generic off-the-shelf packages or massively complex and costly enterprise systems. One-size-fits-all never fits anyone quite right. In a business dealing in perishables, even the slightest problem with the details can cause major losses.

Edible Software’s Mission

We are proud of the accuracy and reliability of our software and the many benefits that it has provided to our clients. We cherish the close relationships that we have built with our clients and the care that our staff displays towards each of them. Our goal is to be the best wholesale distribution software company in terms of service, support, and product quality. 

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