Core Feature: Repacking and Manufacturing

Edible Software's repack module is another contributor to high-efficiency functionality. It allows one or more inventory items, including supply materials such as boxes and lids, plus sundry costs like labor costs and machine overhead costs, to be re-packed or re-processed into one or more other inventory items. When the repack is completed, the quantity on hand of each "raw material" item used, including supplies, is automatically reduced by that quantity, and the quantity of each item "made" is added to inventory.

At the same time, the cost of the "made" items is automatically calculated, based upon the actual cost of the "used" items, as well as the total of the add-on sundry costs. The Yield of the product "made" is also calculated and can be compared against the Standard (menu) yield.

In addition to the above routines, Edible Software's repack routine also includes full bar-coding and ingredient printing features, as well as customer labeling if needed.

It is important to note that regardless of how many re-pack processes any one or more inventory items undergo, Edible Software's repack module guarantees full traceability of all items used in all of the processes. The security and data trail integrity between the original raw materials and the finished goods is therefore always preserved. 

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