Core Feature: Inventory Control

Edible Software's inventory control module is at the core of our package, and although easy to operate, it provides authorized users with instant product profitability, traceability and usage information.

At a glance, authorized employees can see comprehensive, up-to-date information about each inventory item, including the quantity available for sale, the quantity and due date on order from each vendor, the quantity currently being delivered to your customers and the quantity already committed to be sold in the future.

Edible Software's inventory module allows immediate drill-down access, so that authorized personnel can view the details of each item and each lot within the item. The details include the vendor, the receiving date together with every cost incurred; which customers ordered the item, including the quantity ordered, date required, quantity and selling price; the quantity still available for sale to other customers; and the quantities on order from each vendor together with the due date and cost.

Benefits of the Edible Software inventory module include:

  • Unlimited receiving and selling units-of-measure per item.
  • Optional lot-tracking capability.
  • Optional catch-weight and net-weight inventory tracking capability.
  • Inventory re-packaging / processing capability.
  • Instant and up-to-the-minute information regarding every item's availability, committed sales and anticipated receiving, by warehouse.
  • Physical inventory control system – with or without hand-held PDAs
  • Instant profit reporting by item, by load, by item by customer and by item by vendor
  • Price-after-sale capabilities.
  • Date-sensitive reporting; e.g., print inventory on-hand for any date in the past

Compliance with FDA Bioterrorism Act tracking requirements. 

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