Wholesale Food Distribution Software

Edible Software is a fully integrated Windows-based inventory control and accounting software package that is coded specifically for wholesale food distribution. In real time, you get a total picture of your business to help you make better decisions – and better profits.

Thanks to our hands-on training Edible Software is easy to learn; it is also easy to use. It includes features that are unavailable in ordinary off-the-shelf accounting software packages, because the Edible Software program was designed for wholesale food distributors right from the outset. You are therefore able to purchase and sell any inventory item by multi-units of measure, apply multiple costs to an inventory item, even add or change costs after the product has been sold...and have all of the necessary information instantly updated for review.

Other Edible Software components include a physical inventory module, an inventory re-packing/re-processing module, a comprehensive but easy-to-use pricing module, as well as payables, receivables and general ledger modules. To increase efficiency, invoices, purchase orders and reports can be faxed or emailed to customers or vendors directly from the system, and being fully date-sensitive, there are no time-consuming day-end routines that need to be run.

Microsoft-approved Edible Software is an authorized product specially designed for all Windows platforms, including Windows 7. When used correctly, Edible Software complies with all Government Agency Traceability requirements, including the FDA's Bioterrorism Act. It is therefore able to track an inventory item from the originating vendor to all of the end-user customers and back again, even through a manufacturing process. Edible Software represents crystal-clear solution engineering and coding responsibility.

IT friendly – IT Smart. Edible Software is a user-friendly yet smart system that's customizable to your business and your specific needs. It is easy to learn and easy to use, yet it is extremely powerful in both performance and application. We constantly upgrade and enhance our software, but any programs previously customized on your behalf will always be included in every new release. Edible Software uses Microsoft's SQL database – the most widely used and secure database in the marketplace. And most important of all is that everything is supported by our 24/7/365 "good to the last byte" live operator support.

Edible Software will provide your company with the most reliable, accurate and up-to-the-minute information available, with no time-consuming day-end, month-end or year-end routines to run. It is the inventory control and management accounting software that's been proven to improve efficiency and increase profits.

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