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Physical Inventory

edible-piEdible Software has a complete Physical Inventory module that enables your staff to count and reconcile inventory, either in full or on a cycle-count basis.

Edible PI (Physical Inventory) is an optional add-on module that enables your warehouse staff to count physical inventory in the warehouse using PDAs and other Internet devices instead of on a manual basis. The counts can be taken by scanning bar codes on the inventory items and then entering the quantity counted directly onto the PDAs. The information is then transmitted back to the main Edible Software package either wirelessly or via a plug-in cradle – thus eliminating the need to manually enter the on-hand quantity per inventory item. The bar codes being read by Edible PDA can either be pre-printed on the case, box, etc., by the originating vendor, or they can be generated by Edible Software at the time of product receipt.

When performing a count, warehouse personnel may either scan the relevant bar code into the PDA or manually enter or retrieve the item. If no bar code is present, locating the item within the PDA is a quick and simple matter that can be accomplished by easily locating either:

  • the item number, or
  • the description, or
  • the item category, or
  • or the item type

Once located, the PDA will default to a quantity of one, but this can be quickly changed to reflect the correct quantity on hand. After completing the count, the data is transferred from Edible PI to Edible Software, where the data is automatically displayed and can be validated prior to updating the counted information into the system. 

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