Edible PDA

Remote order entry using PDAs

edible-pdaEdible PDA is an optional package that enables your sales personnel to quickly and easily take orders using handheld PDAs while at a customer's location. This module can literally put more profit-making potential in the palm of your hand by increasing the efficiency of your sales personnel – thereby also increasing their profitability.

At the customer's site, Edible PDA can optionally, automatically display the inventory items routinely purchased by the customer. This information, coupled with the customer's specific item description and price per unit-of-measure, allows the salesperson to quickly price and then enter the quantity of each item requested. Alternatively, if needed, the required item can be quickly located within the PDA or else it can be entered into the PDA by scanning the bar code with the built-in bar-code scanner.

When convenient, Edible PDA orders can then be quickly and easily transferred back to Edible Software either via the Internet, by modem, or by physically returning to the office. Thereafter, authorized personnel can review each received order, make any needed adjustments and then accept it as a regular order within Edible Software. Edible PDA's feature-rich module allows you to:

  • Download all or only that salesperson's customers into the PDA
  • Select, by customer, whether or not to display item prices
  • Increase order-entry speed and accuracy by having each customer's standard inventory items inserted automatically into the PDA screen
  • Display item pricing by customer, by ordered unit of measure, thereby maximizing revenues and profit margins

Customer satisfaction increases by having face-to-face contact, and this, combined with the fact that no order-entry data re-keying into Edible Software is needed, enables your company to improve functionality, increase sales and maximize profitability by using Edible PDA.

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