Edible PAL

Pick and Load

Edible PAL (Pick and Load) provides two incredible benefits in one software package. First, this optional module will verify that the correct products are pulled from inventory and/or loaded for delivery to each customer. In addition, while gathering this information, it also verifies and stores the lot number of the picked or delivered item, thereby identifying both the originating vendor and the end-user, which then assures you of full compliance with the FDA's Bioterrorism Act.

edible-palAs careful as warehouse personnel may be, picking and delivery mistakes can happen, but Edible PAL can help reduce these to an absolute minimum. This is accomplished as follows:

  • Edible PAL is loaded onto a PDA, which is wirelessly connected to Edible Software
  • Warehouse personnel can then either view a sales order on the PDA and while doing so, pick the products required, or else pick the products as usual and then use Edible PDA to scan them for verification purposes against the order as they are being packed and loaded onto the truck for delivery to the customer.
  • As each item is picked or loaded, it is scanned into the PDA, which verifies it against the order. A warning is then sounded if an incorrect item is scanned or the quantity is incorrect.
  • Once the scanned item has been verified against the order, the lot number is stored with the sales record, which enables the product to be tracked to and from each vendor and customer. This ensures full compliance with all of the Traceability and Bioterrorism Act requirements.

Other features of Edible PAL include the ability to track the efficiency of each warehouse employee, and to verify the customer's delivery route if needed. This ensures that the correct orders are loaded onto the correct truck for delivery.

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