Edible Net

Edible Net is an optional Edible Software business-to-business (B2B) add-on module that enables your customers to place orders over the Internet, 24 hours a day. It allows them to securely access your website to place those orders quickly, easily and intuitively.

edible_netAfter securely accessing Edible Net, your users will be able to view the status and details of any previous order after which time, a new order can be entered. When they enter a new order, your customers have the option of viewing all of the standard inventory items that they usually purchase, optionally with their own custom description and price per selected unit-of-measure (UOM).

After an order is entered via the Edible Net module, a printable confirmation is generated for the customer and the order is then immediately and automatically transferred into Edible Software, where it can be viewed, modified if needed and then approved and processed together with all of the other Edible Software sales orders.

You can have the option of having Edible Net notify authorized personnel as soon as new Internet orders arrive, or they can be manually reviewed in the On-Line Order file.

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