Efficiency. Traceability. Profitability.

Edible Software was designed and coded from inception to help wholesale food distributors manage the three key areas of their business:

Maximize Efficiency.

> Track all your product costs accurately in real time - even those that change between the time of order creation and order settlement

> Allocate costs across multiple products, within multiple purchase orders - even if some or all of the products have already been sold

> Easily manage and control rapid turnover inventory, including repacked/reprocessed inventory, finished-goods and supplies inventory

> Increase employee efficiency and minimize costs by utilizing routines to reduce product waste, eliminating time-wasting manual routines, and increasing sales

> Provide managers with the timely, accurate information needed to successfully operate a food distribution company in today’s economic climate

Ensure Traceability.

All food product distributors are required to keep accurate records that track their food production and distribution from originating source to end-user and back again. These records form a safety traceability system that provides needed security information about the flow of food and food products throughout America’s food chain.

Edible Software can instantly provide all needed traceability information regarding each and every vendor and end-user, for every inventory item purchased, processed and/or sold. The software is fully compliant with all of the government’s traceability requirements, as well as those of the independent meat, fish, produce, and grocery agencies.

Increase Profitability.

Edible Software was designed from inception by CPAs. It therefore includes routines and programs that are unavailable in other software packages, including those that control and enhance your bottom line. Due to its many features, Edible Software:

> Virtually guarantees 2-3% increase in gross margins when used properly

> Helps you retain customers, with superbly efficient management information tools, to help you better manage your customer relationships

> Helps you reduce product write-off

> Helps improve employee utilization and efficiency

> Eliminates day-end and month-end routines by being fully date-sensitive


To complement our unique software, a variety of Edible products and add-on modules are available to enable mobile inventory, Internet ordering and more. Fully integrated, our CPA-endorsed, SQL/Windows-based wholesale food distribution package will increase your profit margins by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute, multi-cost inventory and customer information.

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