Seafood Distribution Software, Fresh and Fresh

When your business is wholesale seafood distribution, the market need is for speed, whether you trade locally, nationally and even globally. Edible Software seafood distribution software can increase the efficiency of inventory control and accounting, and preserve the ability to supply your customers with a fresh and wholesome product.

This is where fast and efficient Edible Software distribution capability and painstaking attention to detail pay off. Knowing precisely where your products are and the path they have taken, step-by step throughout the distribution process, is invaluable information, allowing inventory to be monitored efficiently.

Our seafood distribution software features are specifically attuned to inventory control in the wholesale food industry. Among the most recent developments in this unique accounting software is a foreign exchange accounting module. This allows companies distributing food internationally to record the profit or loss not only on the sale of an item, but also the profit or loss made on the difference between currency values. And, should the exchange rate change between the times the deal is made and the actual sale takes place, our programs will be on the job, calculating the difference in your profit margin to the penny.

Employee training in the use of Edible Software is included in every agreement. Furthermore, any difficulties are addressed by an in-house support team, staffed with programmers and support assistants who are knowledgeable about the food distribution business. We're available 24/7/365 and your call will always be answered by a real person.

One-size-fits-all never fits anyone quite right. In a business dealing in perishables, even the slightest problem with the details can cause major losses. Seafood distribution presents its own unique sets of challenges, so it makes good business sense to use a food distribution software package that was created with your market in mind: Edible Software.

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