Produce Distribution Software Boosts Profits

If you are a fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaler, Edible Software can help you maximize profits by preventing spoiled produce in your fast-moving business.

Wholesale produce distribution has so many unique factors to address in order to maximize profit potential. Since 1980, Edible Software has delivered wholesale produce distribution and accounting programs that give you the highest levels of efficiency and usability. We design and code specifically with the needs of wholesale produce distributors like you in mind. Now you have the integrated tools to easily manage every essential task.

Edible Software is sophisticated and user-friendly too. A high priority is placed on ease of use for every customer and the support system is outstanding. Not only does each software package come with personalized training for the staff that will be using it; there is also live human support available around the clock, without voice mail or complicated phone-answering trees.

Along with our basic accounting and distribution software, other Edible Software tools make sales and distribution much more efficient, including EDIBLE NET, EDIBLE PDA, EDIBLE REMOTE, EDIBLE PI (physical inventory), and EDIBLE PAL (pick and load). Thanks to full-scale integration, Edible Software saves time and increases accuracy, for a significant positive impact on profitability.

You and every other wholesale produce distribution professional knows that the profit margin on produce is slim enough without product loss due to spoilage, or profit reduction resulting from inefficient tracking and accounting. We place all essential information at your fingertips, well-organized and easy to follow, and assuring that every item can be tracked backward and forward.

The produce business is even faster-moving today, and global. Sophisticated, integrated Edible Software programs are essential to smooth operation, beginning-to-end traceability and improved profitability. Take a closer look at Edible Software and watch your profits grow.

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