Meat and Poultry Distribution Software - Flexible, Functional

Designed by CPAs precisely for the meat, poultry and meat products distribution market, Edible Software is unlike any other inventory control, accounting and traceability technology on the market today. Meat products pose a unique challenge: their sensitivity means they must be processed and distributed (and, possibly, traced) with lightning speed to ensure freshness and healthiness.

Staying on top of the details is crucial, which is why Edible Software was created. Increasing its functionality, Edible Software food distribution software can exactly track your inventory its origin to its destination, and every stop in between. Varying units of measure are easily handled by Edible Software programs, as are multiple inventory item costs, features that can't be matched by generic "distribution" software.

Our packages can be customized to suit your wholesale meat distribution business with an array of optional features like including EDIBLE NET, EDIBLE PDA, EDIBLE REMOTE, EDIBLE PI (physical inventory), and EDIBLE PAL (pick and load) for even more function and flexibility. A foreign exchange accounting module ensures that all the details of international business dealings are handled with precision, calculating the profit or loss that created by variations in currency values right along with the amount made by product sales.

Edible Software food distribution and accounting software is certified for Microsoft XP, Vista and Windows 7. Professional training in the use of your software is included in the purchase price.

Combining years of research into even the smallest details of the wholesale food industry and today's cutting edge information technologies, Edible Software is both flexible and utterly functional. We offer real, practical support long after your wholesale meat distribution software is installed, too.

Prevent the loss of profit while you prevent spoilage of perishable meat items. Take a closer look at Edible Software.

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