Wholesale Grocery Distribution Software for Everything Efficient

Maybe you only supply grocery stores. Maybe your business encompasses more, from conventional supermarkets to multicultural stores, and extreme value stores to gourmet grocers. Edible Software delivers the smooth, user-friendly inventory control and accounting software with the stellar reputation for dependability and accuracy.

Combined with a proven track record for enhancing the efficiency and profitability of its customers in wholesale grocery distribution, our software is much more suitable to the unique needs of your business than off-the-shelf "distribution" software. Edible Software distribution programs give you the ability to track your inventory with precision from its origin to its destination and every stop in between; even sell directly from your trucks. Varying units of measure are easily handled by Edible Software food distribution software, as are multiple inventory item costs.

An array of optional features like including EDIBLE NET, EDIBLE PDA, EDIBLE REMOTE, EDIBLE PI (physical inventory), and EDIBLE PAL (pick and load) are available for even greater function and flexibility. A foreign exchange accounting module ensures that all the details of trans-border business dealings, from Mexico to Canada, are handled with precision and helps improve profitability from exchange values.

Fully certified for Microsoft XP, Vista and Windows 7, Edible Software offers complete training in the use of your programs, included in the purchase price. And we support every element of the sale with attentive and prompt customer service – practical 24/7/365 support long after your Edible Software program has been installed.

Combining years of painstaking research into even the smallest details of the wholesale food industry and today's cutting-edge information technologies, Edible Software presents real (and real-time) solutions to your grocery distribution challenges. We have set the standard year after year for efficiency and usability. Take a close look at everything we deliver.

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